Basic Things You Need to Know About Psychotic Disorder NOS

Psychotic disorders are getting so common these days. There is a wide array of diseases under the umbrella of such disorders that may seem to root from poor coping from stressors and traumatic events. Once the person has psychosis, the idea of reality may come distorted that connection to the real world may not be possible. But there is also what is called the psychotic disorder NOS, that is in a way, milder that psychosis.

Psychotic disorder NOS or not otherwise specified is a condition wherein the person displays symptoms of psychosis but are not enough to fall under a specific category of psychosis. The person may either lack one or two symptoms thus the reference of NOS. Here are the possible symptoms that the person may have when this condition is present.

First up is delusion. Delusion is the belief of something that is inexistent. For instance, the person may refer self as a star or a queen when in reality, he or she is not even close to being such people. This continues to be one of the most common sign that a person is having a mind problem.

Hallucination goes inseparable with delusion. This on the other hand is a cognitive disturbance as the person can hear or even see things that are non-existent. The person may even tell of a voice demanding of something to be done which is dangerous. Most psychotic patients ending up in suicide are believed to have such the same voices in mind.

When it comes to speech, the person may find it difficult to collect the right terms to come up with a coherent sentence. You may observe that the person has the difficulty of saying things too. Throwing a question on the person may also come to be inappropriate as you will just be faced with answers that you cannot comprehend.

If its symptoms do not count as much to be considered as a psychotic disorder, what then are the causes of such? It is said that this behavior is caused by conditions such as brain tumor, bipolar disorder and in some cases psychological trauma. This will give you enough idea that the condition can still be managed as long as the underlying causes are corrected. As soon as all the symptoms show up, it is right to ask for medical help as soon as possible to get possible solutions and to avoid the condition from getting worse.

It is good to note about the basic things that you need to learn about psychotic disorder NOS in order to know when to take action. As mentioned earlier, prognosis can be good for as long as the condition is detected early on and that there is strict adherence to the treatment regime as advised by a psychiatrist. You should also learn that during this time, the person suffering from the condition may need a lot of support to cope with this difficulty and to recover fast.