Basic Truths About Acute Psychotic Disorder

Acute psychotic disorder also known as brief psychotic disorder is a mental condition which has the worst symptoms but would actually be eased in a month’s time. Usually, the symptoms may appear abruptly but the thing is, with proper treatment and therapy these will just fade away.

Acute psychotic disorder is characterized by one or more symptoms linked with psychosis. Symptoms include delusions, hallucinations and disorganized thought. These may not all be present but even when a single one of these symptoms is present, acute psychotic disorder may happen. These symptoms might even appear in a day after a stressor exists.

It is said that acute psychotic disorder’s cause is unknown. Studies are still made to resolve the mystery behind the existence of such a fast approaching and speedy fading disorder. Yet, there are several reasons linked with the disorder that is believed to trigger its existence.

First is genetics. Though most people would object this, there is still a tendency that acute psychotic disorder can be passed on to generations. There are several cases of serious mental problems that may seem to run in the blood. Maybe, this is because of the genetic makeup of the person which is formed with the aid of both parent’s strain. If one has suffered acute psychotic disorder, then it is possible to be passed on to the genes.

The ability to recover from stressful situations is also found to have something to do with the development of acute psychotic disorder. It is true that all the people on earth go through serious challenges in life. There are those who can easily cope to these difficulties and there are also some with poor coping skills. Usually, people who are alone most of the time have such tendency. If stressful situations go on the way, people with poor coping skills would often end up getting depressed which triggers the development of mental problems.

But those who survive from stressful events may not feel all too comfortable as there is another triggering factor which puts people to no escape – major traumatic experiences. Not everyone can go stranded over usual everyday problems. Those who are strong enough to cope may find this easy. However, what almost all people come vulnerable about are situations that taps emotions like the loss of someone special, a sudden traumatic experience like an accident or facing a major threat. These would all cause a person to go struggling and may even lead to acute psychotic disorder if taken for granted.

Truth is, everyone is vulnerable to acute psychotic disorder. Those who are at risk should double up the deal to maintain good mental health though as they are the ones who may seem to be caught unguarded when the condition attacks. But this should not be the cause of alarm though as this condition will often fade away in a month. There is just a need to go for treatments and therapies to speedily recover from the condition.