Psychotic Disorder Definition

If you come to consider the different types of psychotic disorders, you might come up with a lot of psychotic disorder definition. This is because a psychotic disorder is a collective term for multifaceted disorders under the same family.

The most common psychotic disorder definition is the description that this condition is a severe mental disorder. This goes severe as there is the already that disturbance in the way the person thinks. What patients with psychotic disorder would similarly experience, there is an unrealistic belief or delusions and sensory problems called hallucinations.

Why Psychotic Disorder happens?

Psychotic disorders often have unknown causes but there are some factors that trigger its existence. Substance abuse for instance is pointed out as one of the factors that may cause these disorders from happening. Methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana and other prohibited substances are said to count as triggering factors. As what you might actually observe, people using such substances may suffer from unrealistic beliefs and perceptions at the time when the substance is present in the body. This means that the chemicals have made its way to the brain thus the sudden changes. If these continue because of extended use, it may completely divert the beliefs and perceptions of the person to unrealistic ones.

Aside from substance abuse, traumatic experiences may also come to lead to psychotic disorders. Major traumatic experiences such as accidents and sudden loss of a loved one are stressors that would already cause changes in mental perceptions. The person may start out feeling the urge to be alone that may lead to permanent withdrawal to society.

What can you do about it?

If the person shows the signs of psychotic disorders, the right thing to do is to subject the person to therapy as soon as possible. Even experts would say that the condition of those suffering from severe mental problems may even improve by treating patient the fastest time possible.

If there is someone at home displaying symptoms of psychosis, it is right to provide this person enough support to cope fast. Mere presence does a lot already in improving the mood of the affected person.

However, if the person displays serious symptoms, it may not be proper to let this person stay home. The need to temporarily put the person to a psychiatric unit may help to make sure that the person does no harm. With medications and therapy, the person suffering from a psychotic disorder may just return to the closest to normal state as possible.

Is there a chance for recovery?

Even when psychotic disorders are considered severe, there is still a chance to recovery. The thing is, the person may not be the same as the normal self but the symptoms are just minimized to let the person gradualy perform activities of daily living.


Knowing the psychotic disorder definition may not only be an additional knowledge that will benefit your curious mind. In fact, it may serve to your advantage as you will learn to observe and deal with people who have the tendency of having such condition effectively.