Psychotic Disorder Symptoms

A psychotic disorder is a severe mental disorder. This is not a term to describe a single condition but a group of conditions with symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations. Though this condition is considered severe, it can still be managed to turn a person to the closest healthy state as possible. It is said that early detection is the key towards a better prognosis. This can just be actualized by learning about the set of psychotic disorder symptoms. Here are some that you may need to learn about.

On the early onset of psychosis, psychotic disorder symptoms may revolve around the changes on how the person does his daily tasks. The person may feel suspicious about people around. This may cause this person to withdraw from the social world with the idea that everyone may pose a threat. You might easily observe a person to have sudden changes in the emotional state. If things get worst, the person suffering from psychosis might even skip work or school because of lack of interest and increased anxiety due to suspicions.

The early psychotic disorder symptoms may just show how anxious the person is and how disturbed the thought is. However, the next stage of psychotic disorder symptoms may just be way too different. In the early onset of psychotic disorder, the person may just withdraw from the society but not completely come disconnected. However, if it progresses, the person may then just choose to go silent. You can easily see the person displaying odd acts like not speaking too much if asked. There might also be apathy or the lack of concern about the things that happens around. You might just go screaming over your dead pet but for the person who has psychosis, this means nothing.

Later on, psychotic disorder symptoms may display a drastic change from the person’s behavior. Depression may come apparent as the person tends to stay at home most of the time. What is worst is that the patient may stay inside his or her room never minding of feeling hungry and the like. Difficulty in functioning may also be apparent. This is why psychotic patients tend to lose a job or career just when the disorder comes to worst.

Of all the psychotic disorder symptoms, the display of the worst symptoms is a thing to watch out for. This is when the person comes to already be a threat to the society as this is the time when there is loss of connection to the real world. A threat to self is also a tendency. The person may tend to inflict harm to self as a reaction to the increasing sensory disturbances. And what is worst is when the patient will commit suicide which is a possibility especially for those who have not been put to a psychiatric facility.

Just when all of these psychotic disorder symptoms are present, there is a need to put the person to therapy or even medication regime. Though in serious cases, these solutions will never completely correct the condition, these would help minimize worsening symptoms.