The Early and Late Signs of Brief Psychotic Disorder

Brief psychotic disorder is an illness involving the cognitive processes of a person. As its name implies, it happens on a brief period of time that does not usually exceed a month. After this period, the person may just return to the normal healthy state.

Brief psychotic disorder’s onset is fast too. This disorder may happen suddenly as the person’s response to a stressor or a traumatic event. There are also cases when the person has this condition as a result of an internal struggle to fit in the society that it may cause such a great impact to the person’s way of thinking. Childbirth may also cause this problem to happen. Brief psychotic disorder after childbirth is known as postpartum depression.

On the early onset of brief psychotic disorder, the patient may have certain delusions. Delusions are beliefs that are not usually true and come as a result of a distorted way of thinking. There may also be hallucinations. This on the other hand is characterized by hearing or seeing things that are non-existent. This goes to tap the sensory aspect. Once these things are already present, it is proper to ask help from a medical practitioner specifically a psychiatrist to treat the problem right when it is on its earliest state. The earlier the problem is noticed and solved, the better the prognosis is.

However, if the problem is unresolved, it may come to progress and may yield late signs. Usually, the person begins to be disorganized. It may seem like the person cannot just coherently say things or that the physical self is already taken for granted. You may see the difference greatly as the person may change behaviors particularly physically much more drastically.

The person may also display changes in eating and sleeping habits. Some patient may even resist eating on time. Sleeping is also disturbed. The patient may be observed as having insomnia or difficulty of sleeping. These signs may even yield serious effects on the body like weight loss if not addressed at the fastest time possible.

Decision making may never be a thing that this person may do best too. This is because of the fact that even the way of thinking is already distorted and disorganized. The person has just the inability to collect thoughts. Problems in memory may even occur in a snap which braces a person from making decisions that would work.

The mentioned signs and symptoms may alert the significant others already of a serious threat. However, this is never a thing to get panicky about. Just when these signs are present, subject the person to therapy as soon as possible. Though this comes to be present at a brief period of time, the psychotic problem may progress if the circumstances turn bad. There is also a need to pour down support to let the person feel loved. Emotional therapy goes a long way in terms of conditions such as this.