What is Psychotic Disorder

When a question arises “What is Psychotic Disorder?”

People say, when a person behaves differently with an abnormal mental state of mind in confusion and that mental disorder is known as “Psychotic disorder“people those are suffering from severe psychotic disorder, they don't having touch with real aspects and loss their real mental status,  and relationship with society in their life. So people those are psychotics characterized by symptoms like delusions and hallucinations.

Psychotic Disorder Symptoms and signs:

Psychotic Disorder

Delusions means false beliefs which affects person's accurate thought content and makes person think with abnormally.It means that person thinks right ones going to be wrong and wrong ones going to be right.Totally person is under confusion with false beliefs of the situation.

Hallucinations means false perceptions takes place without any sensory external stimulation.They may occur in any sensation like  smelling, hearing, seeing, psytasting.The main one is that auditory hallucinations important in which perception that person feels calling someone and speaks with him.It is prominent in psychosis.

Out of cognition of social status in which condition that psychotic person can't move or don't want interact with world around him and his body language means movements are not in perfect condition,he moves his arms unnecessarily front and back,walking fast and run in circles and rounds him.He doesn't respond to any thing and any one what happened in his surroundings, and who called him respectively in any situations.This condition referred as in medical term as catatonia.

Out of control, person can't control his speech and writings any works being done by him.He can't do any work perfectly or in order.He is unable to do work in his control.

Warning signs are also there to indicate the person's position before falling under this condition.They may be changes occurring in regular sleeping time habits,person maintain distance from relations with friends and family members and wanted to live lonely more time,improper speech and interactions with public,motivate levels decreasing,unable to concentrate and respond to emotionally for little things,abnormal behavior and doing strange things etc.

Types of Psychotic disorders:

  1. Schizophrenia:This is the prominent pschycological disorder in where the person behaves abnormally with delusions and hallucinations.There is also impairment occurred in coginition of the person and unable to concentrate on particular things.Emotional feelings of person may be noticed in this condition.
  2. schizo affective disorder: In where the person is characterised by the combination of psychological disorderers, such as schizoprenia,bipolar mania,and severe depression.All the symptoms may be exhibited by person here.
  3. Schizophreniform disorder:In this psychotic disorder the symptoms of prominent schizoprenia may be observed but only last duration is between 1 and 6 months.
  4. Delusional disorder:In this illness person severely suffering from delusional symptoms.False beliefs mainly afffect the person's real life psychological funtions such as cognition,concentration,judgements in decisions and person behave in a jealous,somatic,suspicious nature.
  5. Brief psychotic disorder:This type of psychotic disorder may occurred in person suddenly by shocking news or conditions like death of loving ones in family.this situation may be temporarily and returns to normal condition by therapy.
  6. Substance induced psychotic disorder: When addict substances withdrawn from the person suddenly ,it may cause delusions,hallucinations in person.For example alcohol,cocaine etc.

Causes:The possible causes may be genetically history,abuse of drugs like narcotics,stress related conditions,abnormal levels of neurotransmitters in brain.

Treatment: Proper medication is necessary to relieve the condition according suggestions of the physician.and maintain stress free life ,avoid the addiction of drugs etc.

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